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3 Effective Ways to Offer Profitable Holiday Deals

Did you know, most small businesses bring in 20 to 40% of their annual revenue during the last two months of the year? Let’s make sure you do too, with these quick tips. Offer Bundles with Price Points People Love People LOVE … Continue reading

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How to Create a New Offer, Step-By-Step

Log into your merchant account at On the left side, click on “Campaigns.” Click on – under “create Campaign – select a campaign type” section at the top. This will take you to a page where you can begin … Continue reading

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Clean Out Your Wallet: How Mobile Commerce is Changing Consumer Loyalty

Remember those paper loyalty cards that you used to get at Subway, Smoothie King, etc? Some businesses still use them but they might as well be in the era of VHS and the cassette, also known as the past.  With … Continue reading

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What is Mobile Marketing?

Mobile Marketing. Not really sure what that means? Sound complex? Well, we’re here to explain that it really isn’t. And moreover, it’s the marketing way of the future. Here is the definition of Mobile Marketing as stated by the Mobile … Continue reading

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The Power of Sharing

This past Monday, Presidents Day, I was having a conversation with a friend (who happens to be a history buff) and he brought to my attention that this year marks 150 years since the Civil War. I was forced to … Continue reading

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