How to Upload New Subscribers, Step-By-Step

How to upload a new subscriber:
1.      Sign into your account at using your username and password.

2.      You will automatically be brought to your dashboard.

3.      On the left side, click on Subscribers.

4.      Notice that the tab that is automatically selected is “My Subscribers.”  This is where you will always find all your current subscribers.

5.      From here, you will click on the “Add Subscriber” button on the right side.

6.      This will pop-up a screen asking to input personal information.

7.      We recommend filling out as much information as possible to give you the best data about your subscribers.

How to upload an entire list of emails:

1.      Follow steps 1-4 from above.

2.      From here, you will click on “Import Subscribers” button on the right side.

3.      This will pop-up a screen.

4.      Upload your list using a .CSV or .TXT formatted file.

5.      Once you select your file, click import on the right.

*Note: Your subscribers will be sent a confirmation and may not appear immediately on your list.

Bonus Tips:

  1. If your business has multiple locations, please don’t forget to choose a location to ‘link’ your subscribers to.
  2. .CSV files can be created in Excel, using the Export to .CSV function. If you use .CSV, please make sure that only email addresses appear in the FIRST column of this file. All data contained in other columns will be ignored.
  3. .TXT files should contain only 1 valid email address per line and should contain no separating characters such as commas, or periods after each line.
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