What is Mobile Marketing?

Mobile Marketing. Not really sure what that means? Sound complex? Well, we’re here to explain that it really isn’t. And moreover, it’s the marketing way of the future.fashion-person-woman-hand-large

Here is the definition of Mobile Marketing as stated by the Mobile Marketing Association: “Mobile Marketing is a set of practices that enables organizations to communicate and engage with their audience in an interactive and relevant manner through any mobile device or network.”

girl-1512316_960_720So, to fully grasp the effective, limitless, and time-sensitive marketing campaign that can be delivered through the mobile channel, let’s imagine you are walking down the street. (Yes, WALKING- stop being lazy). As your dragging your feet along, you see your favorite coffee spot on your way to work. Since you, like most of us, are impatiently awaiting your next paycheck to have more funds available to spend on things like your undeniable caffeine craving, you keep on walking. Your better judgment tells you it probably wouldn’t be the smartest decision to waste your last five bucks on yet another cup of temporary fulfillment. Just as you’re about to completely pass by and give up on your last chance to indulge in what you believe is the ONLY reason you can focus at work, you decide to order finpecia tablets onlineSmartphone to see if your coffee spot has any sweet deals available.

young-man-1329774_960_720You pull your eyes away from the coffee shop window for just long enough to check the app, and you actually squeal with excitement, loud enough that people passing by will turn their heads to look at you, when you notice that your favorite coffee spot has a sweet deal staring right back at you on your phone:

“Half off of any coffee drink, any size, today only!” You immediately pull open the door and go right to the counter with a giant smile, knowing that your day just got that much better. It really is the little things in life, isn’t it?

Voila! Just like that, Mobile Marketing saves the day. Now you can go through the rest of your day knowing you didn’t break the bank to satisfy your coffee addiction. Your coffee spot owner is thrilled to be reaching customers passing right by their storefront window. And, as it turns out, since your coffee only set you back $2.50, you decided to grab one for your boss too. Now your boss is smiling too. This day is getting more and more positive- and how easy was that?!

If you have any questions or are wondering how mobile marketing can start helping your business, contact one of our dedicated representatives here.

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