DOs and DON’Ts of Creating Successful Online Ads

Are you wasting time and money on creating ads that don’t get customers? This might be why!

27% of consumers expect to receive something of value for JUST clicking on an ad. Most consumers have become very savvy at tuning out ads. So, if they do happen to see yours, don’t let it be the quality of your ad that turns them away from doing business with you.

Here are the DOs and DON’Ts of creating enticing online ads that actually get customers.


DON’T offer the same thing as everyone else

The word “free” still entices customers, but when everyone is offering the same free product or service, then saying so is just not as attractive. Customers ignore these offers because they interpret them as a “no-brainer.” There is nothing special about doing business with you if you do the same exact thing as everyone else, even if it’s free.

DON’T look and sound cheap

Shoppers are so trained to bypass advertisements, that grabbing their attention is an art form. If you don’t show that the customer will save, and save big, they may not care. For example, 5-10% off a product or service that is less than $50 feels like a very small discount. At the same time 5-10% off something costing thousands of dollars is far more enticing because, well, it saves a lot more money. In the same respect, 40-50% off something under $50 saves the consumer enough to buy more quantities of the same item, which could double your sales. Don’t be afraid to say that too!

DON’T use subjective words

Phrases such as “Best in Town” and “Everyday Low Prices” might be great slogans or taglines, but they are also the same phrases everyone else uses. Unless your business is rated the best by an industry expert or an industry leader itself, saying so has doesn’t do anything. Prove it or lose it.

DON’T over complicate it

The fewer words you use, the less time and effort it takes for the consumer to take action, increasing the likelihood that they will. Be honest and to the point of what you’re offering, why it matters and what the customer should do about it.


DO Use Call-to-Actions (CTAs)

If you’re not asking your customers to take action, you may leave them clueless. Always make sure to use a strong verb to tell them exactly what you want them to do, and how soon. A good practice is completing the sentence, “I want customers to…”

Some examples are:

  • “Buy Now!”
  • “Redeem Today!”
  • “Click Here!”
  • “Visit Us Today!”
  • “Redeem Yours Now!”

DO make your ads expire

When your ads expire, prospects have a limited amount of time to take advantage and redeem them. This gives them a sense of urgency that they need to jump on the opportunity sooner than later.

DO use shock or say something unexpected

Shock still grabs attention. It also shows that you think outside the box and are willing to do whatever it takes. Consumers appreciate and gain a level of respect of businesses that can accomplish this and often remember your business better for it.

DO communicate the value in price

Sometimes, the best thing to do is to display the original price. For instance, you may have products or services that you don’t discount because they’re already at a wholesale or discount price. Promote it! An example would be putting your price versus the real price on a price tag.

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