The Ultimate Workspace Organization Guide

The most important feature of a great workspace is functionality. More often than not, this goes out the window and we are left with papers, equipment and boxes everywhere, leaving little room (and desire) to complete our work. The recent pandemic has left many of us working from home in spaces that are just not set up for what we need. Whether you are working from home, setting up a new workspace or just need to improve the design of your office; this quick organization guide will walk you through designing a workspace that looks and feels great.

Clear the Way!

We get it, you have a lot of stuff. That’s okay, if it is not in the way of you walking around comfortably. Take a look around at the furniture in your workspace and remove any obstacles that may be in the way of anything you or anyone else needs to access. Sometimes if we are not used to entertaining clients in our space, it can be easy to fill the room with filing cabinets, desks and chairs that end up in all the wrong places. Do not be afraid to move things around and if you need to, get rid of them completely. Remember something as small as moving your desk may give you a completely different perspective and who knows, maybe even a whole new workspace!

Tackle That Desk.

Now that you have got space to move around, let’s look at the first thing you (and everyone else) is going to check out when they walk in- your desk. Grab a garbage bag and sit down! What absolutely needs to be there? If you don’t use it every day, find another spot for it. If you do not use it at all, throw it in the bag. File those papers, check to see if you need those receipts and throw out the snack wrappers. You won’t miss them, we promise.

Sort It Out.

So, you have filed all your papers and have thrown away everything you do not need. Now it is time to find a place for all your remaining supplies. As tempting as it may seem to throw them all in the top drawer of your desk, check out a few office supplies stores (or visit them online) and grab yourself some space saving storage containers! Organize all your things and arrange them in a way that makes finding them as simple as possible.

Update, Update, Update.

Remember, functionality is the key to a great workspace. What do you have in there that needs to be updated? This could be your slow computer, a few old printers that are sitting around taking up too much room or even that old coffee machine. Throw those printers away and upgrade to a new, functioning printer that frees up some space (and time). Run those updates on your computer and stop struggling with the old shredder that only takes two pieces of paper at a time. The more functional your equipment is, the more productive you will be.

Let’s Decorate!

You’re almost done, this is the fun part. Sometimes work is fun, and sometimes work is…work. Look around, is there anything you can see that brings you joy? If not, put up your favorite movie poster or maybe some pictures from your last vacation. If you have a nice sunny window, bring in a plant or two to lift your spirits throughout the workday. That dog calendar that is still in the giftbag…hang it up!


To make sure we do not end up at square one in a few months, make it easy to keep the garbage and clutter to a minimum. Most of what we throw away in our workspace is recyclable. Papers, boxes, coffee cups, water bottles, etc. Set up a small but functional space for you and anyone else that comes in to recycle or dispose of anything you need to get rid of. If you have more recyclables than trash, set up a bigger container or receptacle and label them appropriately. The easier it is for you and your guests to clean up after yourselves, the less you will have piled up later.

Whether you are setting up a new work from home space, cleaning up your art studio or just need to make some improvements to your existing office, these few quick steps are sure to make your work area more pleasant to look at and more functional to work in for a smoother, more productive work day.




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