We’re retiring our old app – making room for our highly anticipated Smart Shopping App

Our older applications are on iOS and Android, with the first launch of our new app focusing on iOS, shortly followed by an Android release.

If you’re using our old iOS app, you’ll be prompted to upgrade automatically to the new Shooger App. Our Android users will still enjoy all the great benefits of our app, while they can anticipate a new release in the upcoming weeks, or use our fully Mobile-optimised website to continue to enjoy Shooger on their phones.

What if I can’t upgrade my app?

If you are on an older operating system, or running on Android, please start using our fully Mobile-optimised site: www.Shooger.com. This offers a richer, better, and more reliable experience than our old apps. You can also call our customer service team (888-606-4738) for immediate assistance.

Why have you launched a new App?

The short answer is: due to popular demand and to stay ahead of our competitors. To elaborate – It’s our mission to provide the latest and greatest in consumer tech and experience while equipping local merchants with a platform that provides great offers and transparent information so shoppers can properly educate themselves. We’ve released this new app because consumer expectations, and the expectations of our merchants, have substantially evolved. We’ve combined interactive content, modern designs, easy to use functionality, and essential shopping components in the type of reliable platform consumers expect.

What can we expect from this App?

We’ve combined some of the latest and greatest features in online and mobile shopping in one easy to use app!

Search – browse through your favorite categories and filter the results after your liking. You can filter by average rating (yes, total average, and not just Shooger reviews) and distance so you can find the right business for your needs. Once you’ve found the business of your liking:

  • Look at every review ever written about that business –yes that includes reviews from Yahoo, Bing, Google and any other site that’s relevant to that industry.
  • Enjoy a video and image gallery.
  • Browse through offers.
  • Live Chat with the business owner/manager – Yes, every business listing does have a live chat!
  • Click to call or click to navigate to the business.
  • Like what you’ve researched – Buy straight from your app, tablet or desktop. Download our app today and take smart shopping to the next level!


How can I change the new app to suit my needs?

There are a number of ways you can personalize the Shooger app to suit you. You can follow businesses for special offers, share offers with friends, and even have friends give you the inside scoop on their favorite deals. You can review businesses directly on Shooger and request for the business owner/manager to solve your issue within a certain timeframe. This allows you, the consumer, to have your voice heard and concerns solved!


We always value your feedback – please email us at Hello@Shooger.com.

To download our app, please follow the link below:


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