What is Pay-Per-Call Advertising?

Pay-Per-Call is an advertising model that drives telephone calls from potential customers to paying business owners or advertisers. The rate paid by the business owner or advertiser is determined by the number of telephone calls received from those efforts. Below, we’ll give you the scoop on all things Pay-Per-Call and why your business needs it.

Why Pay-Per-Call?
There are many ways to get leads for your business, but not many methods are as efficient as Pay-Per-Call advertising. The value of having a lead live on the phone is immeasurable. It gives you the power to turn them into an actual customer within minutes. This means less time chasing and more time converting. You will make more money in less time with Pay-Per-Call advertising than other traditional advertising methods.

Who Benefits from Pay-Per-Call?
This method of advertising is profitable across the board but is especially valuable for certain industries. Here is a list of the most compatible verticals for Pay-Per-Call advertising.

-Home services (plumbers, contractors, carpet cleaning, locksmiths)
-Auto (windshield repair, tow trucks, repair shops)
-Health (doctors, personal trainers, nutrition consultants, dietitians)
-Financial (Tax, debt, consulting, investments, mortgage, personal loans)
-Insurance (Life, home, auto, business)
-Travel (Hotel, vacation packages, car rentals, travel agencies)

Direct Calls VS. Pay-Per-Call
So, what difference will a customer experience when calling your business through a Pay-Per-Call program versus calling you directly? None! Depending of course on the routing rules you choose, on a Pay-Per-Call program, customers will call a designated call tracking number that rings directly to you. To make sure the customer experience is exactly how you want it to be, remember to be sure calls are being sent to the right place! If using prompts, make sure they are clear and easy to understand.

What To Expect From A Great Pay-Per-Call Service
Every service provider you encounter will be a little different. If you are relatively new to the pay-per-call world, you should know a few things that separate the great from the not-so great. Let’s start with cost per call. There is no one-size fits all here! Location, time of year and industry affect the cost of your calls. For example, a call for a plumber in rural Nebraska will cost a lot less than a call for a lawyer in downtown Manhattan because it costs a lot more to get you that call in the first place. This will vary per industry. When determining if the cost is too high, think of how much time and money you spend to obtain a new customer now. If the cost per call is just a small portion of the revenue your new customer will bring in, consider that a green light!

Most providers will set some kind of minimum duration for a call to be considered a billable call, this threshold will fall anywhere between 0-60 seconds and if you’re lucky, even 90 seconds. The higher the threshold, the better! This will give you more time to figure out if you are talking to someone who is ready to buy, or just asking a quick question.

Our next high-ticket item? Quality! When shopping for a great pay-per-call service, be sure to ask about the quality of the calls you will be paying for. Are these calls relevant and exclusive? If not, keep it movin’! Your chances of closing are not going to be great if you are competing with five other companies for that one customer.

Last, but not least- tracking! To properly determine if your pay-per-call efforts are worth their weight in gold you need to be able to track them. You should be able to see how many calls have come in from the pay-per-call program along with date, time, duration, and inbound number in case you need to reach back out. Extra credit if your calls are being recorded so you can listen back and determine if those 60 seconds were worth it!

Great marketers know all the best ways to get you the most leads in the quickest and most cost-effective ways possible. Pay-Per-Call advertising offers higher conversion rates, more revenue and higher ROI than many other methods of advertising. Ready to hop on board? Reach out to your friends and expert marketers here.

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